The bed frame is one of the central pieces of a bedroom and its selection is important both functionally and aesthetically. When choosing a bed frame, there are several important points to consider. 

Firstly, the size and shape of the bed frame should be appropriate for the size and layout of your room. Using a large bed frame in a small room can make the space feel cramped and narrow. Therefore, carefully measure the dimensions of your room and select a bed frame of suitable size. Standard single bed frame dimensions are usually 90×200 cm, while double bed frame dimensions are typically 140-160-180-200×200 cm. However, depending on your space and preference, you can also find intermediate-sized bed frames at Demontha. Additionally, the fact that our double bed frame models consist of two parts can adapt to changing needs over time, allowing you to use your furniture in different ways or rooms and ensuring long-term use. You won’t need to worry about its sturdiness thanks to the supporting middle legs in each part. 

When choosing a functional bed frame, storage space is also important. Especially in small rooms, using a bed frame that provides storage space underneath like a base can help you utilize the space more efficiently. Bed frames with drawers or similar storage space underneath, can be lifesavers in providing additional storage space. 

Aesthetically, the style and material of the bed frame should complement the decoration of your room. For a modern bedroom, attention should be paid to bed frame details such as a simpler headboard and leg model, while in a classically decorated room, bed frames with more detailed craftsmanship are preferred. The design and details of the bed frame’s headboard should also be chosen to complement the overall aesthetic of the room. If you already have a headboard or a specially designed wall as a headboard, you can opt for just a bed frame, such as our Beorn model. 

Additional features offered by the bed frame to enhance its functionality can also assist you in your selection. Some bed frames are equipped with modern features such as internal lighting or charging stations in the headboard part. Such features make the bed frame more functional and provide a comfort beyond the ordinary.  

Finally, the durability and sturdiness of the bed frame should also be taken into account. A bed frame made of quality materials and with a solid structure can withstand years of use and provide you with a safe sleeping environment. Bed frames made entirely of natural solid wood from Demontha will provide you with maximum durability in this regard.