Next to the seating group, the dining set is one of the main furniture pieces that determine the style of the living room. Since these are not furniture items that are changed frequently, making the right choice by considering many aspects is crucial. While the priorities may vary according to your needs, there are some points to consider before making your choice. 

Firstly, when determining the correct size and shape, decide based on the dimensions and type of your living room. It is crucial to determine the dimensions according to the space the chairs (average 40-50 cm) and the clearance space behind the chairs (average 50-60 cm) will occupy. Otherwise, you may encounter uncomfortable usage. 

Of course, due to being one of the most important factors affecting the selection of size and shape, it is necessary to mention your usage patterns and needs here. Clarify how many people you need a dining table for based on the number of users, usage frequency, and pattern. This is also related to the dimensions of the space where you will place the dining table. If you don’t have enough space, opting for a large table to accommodate more people will create a crowded look in your room. Remember, your daily comfort in usage is actually the most important point. 

When deciding on the shape of the table, choose the most suitable one among many alternatives such as round, square, rectangular, or oval according to the shape of your living room. Round or square dining tables, which you can prefer in living areas close to square, relax the circulation area in the room, making the space appear larger than it is. A round table preferred in a square room creates a more balanced perception in terms of form. At the same time, round tables are quite comfortable as they allow everyone to see each other. 

If your living room is small, it would be wise to avoid sharp lines in your choice. Tables with an oval tabletop and without sharp corners offer easier passage in the area and help break the perception of small space with their fluid appearance. If you need such a table, you can take a look at our Agna model. At the same time, in small living rooms, you can also prefer foldable tables to increase functionality. This way, you can expand your circulation area by using your table closed in your daily life. 

Another important point is the harmony of your table with your chairs. If you are not going to buy your table with chairs as a set, paying attention to dimensions and leg type is of great importance. The chairs should be able to fit comfortably under the dining table. Your chairs should be of a width proportional to the dimensions of your table. All Demontha chairs, tables, and benches are designed to be compatible with each other, so you can make your choice among our models with peace of mind. 

Finally, we can mention the material, which is the most determining factor in the style of the table. Especially in homes, wooden tables are often preferred for both ease of use and the warmth they provide. However, making a choice by considering the balance of the existing materials in your living room would be wiser. For example, if your living room is predominantly wooden, you can consider choosing a table with a marble top. However, each material has certain pros and cons. Marble offers an elegant look but is heavy and can stain. A lacquered table can be quite elegant but is highly prone to scratching. Making the most sensible choice along with your usage patterns and all other factors will be the right decision.