Bedside tables are indispensable pieces of furniture in bedrooms, serving as extremely useful items for keeping your bedside lamp, a bouquet of flowers, or other essentials. Apart from furniture specifically designed as bedside tables with storage space, depending on your imagination and taste, sometimes a simple side table, basic shelf, or even a suitable box or basket can be used as a bedside table with minor adjustments. This variety can make the decision-making process both easy and confusing. 

At this point, first determine how much space you have on either side of the bed. An important point to note is that if there is a window next to the bedside table and you use curtains, calculate the ideal bedside table size after leaving the necessary space for the curtains. Bedside tables vary in height as there are no strict standard measurements. When making your choice, you can use the height of your bed as a measurement criterion. This way, you achieve the most ergonomic use. 

In the case of double beds, bedside tables are generally used on both sides to allow each person to place their personal items separately and to maintain a balanced decorative appearance. However, this does not necessarily mean that these two bedside tables must be identical. Sometimes adding a balanced asymmetry or a subtle difference can make the atmosphere of the space more dynamic. Therefore, depending on the size, style, and usage needs of your bedroom, you can consider such selection criteria and approaches. 

On single bed sides, usually, one bedside table is sufficient. However, if you have different needs and require extra storage space, there is no problem in placing a bedside table on both sides. 

If you have a small bedroom and your space is not sufficient, opting for bedside table with storage can be quite helpful. Bedside tables with all drawers exhibit a fuller and more prominent appearance. However, if you do not have intense storage needs, a bedside table with drawers and an open compartment, without a lid, can provide you with versatility in use while achieving a more spacious look. 

If you want a fresh look, consider our Demontha bedside table models, all of which are open models, or if you prefer a semi-open appearance, you can opt for Eona, Lunn, and Lera models. 

Lastly, it can be an approach for the selected bedside table to match the style of your other furniture, but of course, it is not mandatory. Sometimes, taking a risk and making a contrasting choice can bring a different atmosphere to the room by highlighting the bedside table. For example, bedside tables with a striking color in a room dominated by soft colors will be quite eye-catching. However, if you prefer a more calm and warm atmosphere, you can also opt for wooden products without taking any risks. Don’t forget to consider factors such as the ease of use of the material, the weight it will carry, and whether it leaves cup marks when making your final decision.