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Bookshelves are undoubtedly indispensable furniture pieces in every space used both decoratively and functionally. With a wide range of choices in terms of dimensions and design styles, bookshelves offer a space where you can easily reflect your own style with your objects and books, making the selection process quite enjoyable.  

Whether you use a bookshelf next to your TV wall or allocate space in your dining area, they are the most needed and effectively used furniture pieces in workspaces, and if space permits, they can even be used in hallways.  

When it comes to choosing a bookshelf, first and foremost, the size and shape of the bookshelf should be compatible with the size and layout of your space. Of course, your storage needs are an important determining factor here. If you want to include closed storage areas in the volume where you plan to place the bookshelf, models with lower cabinets and upper shelf systems are quite practical. While items you don’t want to be seen can be stored in closed spaces, you can use the shelves only for your books and decorative objects. Demontha bookshelf models, with a wide range of options in terms of height and width, will allow you to find a suitable model for almost any type of space.  

Another aspect is to choose a model that matches the general furniture style of your space. Avoiding choosing a style that is different from the style of your existing furniture would be a correct approach to maintain design integrity in the space. Of course, not all your furniture pieces need to be a set; in fact, this can sometimes bring monotony. However, still, having furniture pieces that reference each other with similar details can create more meticulous spaces. For example, if you have furniture with rounded lines and you are looking for a bookshelf in this style, we recommend checking out series like Belly and Kaer.  

If your space is small, choosing a bookshelf with transparent surfaces like glass, rather than entirely filled surfaces, will help you create a more spacious area. Additionally, bookshelves that do not look too cluttered as a shelving system keep small spaces more tidy and free from volumetric complexity. If you want to make such a choice, you can explore Demontha bookshelves like the Regmar and Jago models. However, if you have enough space, for example, if your living room is large and there is a suitable wall for a bookshelf, opting for a more dynamic and diverse material bookshelf to achieve a balance between full and empty surfaces will be more visually appealing. 

Furthermore, the versatility of bookshelves in different areas can also be considered. Our Amay series allows you to make the most of corner spaces, which we sometimes don’t know what to do with, while also being suitable for use in different spaces. It offers both decorative and practical storage space in hallways, kitchens, or balconies.  

In general, the right bookshelf selection affects the organization and appearance of your space. With a stylish design, effective storage space, and a suitable style for your space, choosing the right bookshelf will make your living spaces more functional and aesthetic.