Sideboards re types of furniture that can be found in many places. They can be placed next to your dining table, in a corner of your living room, in hallways, home offices, or kitchens. Due to their versatile usage, it’s possible to use them in almost any space according to your needs. 

Before making your sideboard selection, first plan what you want to store in the sideboard in the area where you need it. It’s beneficial to consider not only the stuffs that will remain outside in the area where you need the sideboard but also those in other storage spaces you have. Indeed, small organizational changes related to stuffs in enclosed spaces not only allow you to use these areas more effectively but also increase your convenience of use. 

Regarding the correct choice, first decide on the ideal size for your space. Apart from width, another determining factor is height. If you will use it in your living room, having it higher than your table (which is on average 75 cm) allows you to use this area as a serving area. At the same time, decorative objects you place on it will be more visible. 

If you need it in the hallway, you can also prefer higher alternatives. Since these areas are circulation spaces, choosing a sideboard that allows you to use the top without hitting objects will be the right choice for you. At the same time, you can easily use the top of the sideboard without the need to lean over. 

sideboard can also be very useful and enjoyable in your kitchens. For example, with an ideal-sized sideboard, you can create a small coffee / drinks corner in your kitchen. Thus, you can make preparation practical by keeping all the necessary things together and have an aesthetic, chic space that makes you feel special. 

When it comes to model selection, if you will store items that you do not want to be visible, you can choose sideboard with full covers such as our Nautilus and Pador models. Shava, on the other hand, has both closed and open decorative features and is another model you can choose according to the size you determine.