Seating groups can be considered as one of the most important and defining pieces of furniture in our living spaces. When decorating a living room, seating groups are usually the starting point. Due to their importance as both large and central furniture pieces, and their direct relation to physical comfort and even health, they may be the most carefully chosen furniture pieces. Since they are not frequently replaced, making the right choice according to your needs is crucial, as making an incorrect choice can greatly inconvenience your daily life. Therefore, before making your purchase, it may be beneficial to look at some criteria that can vary for each space. 

As with any furniture selection, you can start by considering the dimensions of the area where you will choose the seating furniture. In a room such as the living room, which is often centered around the television, the location of the TV unit also determines the placement of the seats. Once you have determined the correct placement for you, you will have alternatives such as three-seaters and two-seaters, supportive armchairs, or L-shaped sofas. In smaller living rooms, where every corner is valuable, it is generally advisable to prefer corner or daybed sofas. At this point, you can take a look at our models, Bral and Lore corner sofas. If you have a larger living room, you can also opt for combinations such as three-seaters and two-seaters, armchairs, etc.  

Using a large seating group in a small room can narrow it and restrict movement. On the other hand, a small seating group in a large room can be lost. When small furniture is used in large rooms, the poorly filled volume will lead to a weak appearance in terms of design integrity. In addition to lengths, depths are just as important. While deep sofas offer better comfort, they will take up more space in small living rooms, reducing circulation and making your living room appear smaller than it actually is. Therefore, you should not neglect their depths in addition to their widths. 

Apart from dimensions, one of the most important factors to consider is comfort and durability. These pieces of furniture, which you will spend a long time on, should provide you with a healthy sitting position and comfort. In this regard, it would be correct to choose sofas with soft padded and fabric-covered cushions. All Demontha cushions are made of ideal density and high-density HR foam. Loose covers allow you to use the cushions for long periods, increasing the quality of use. Velcro straps sewn to the covers prevent your cushions from sliding, increasing your comfort. 

When it comes to durability, you will need to look at the quality of the sofa components. In sofas that we can divide into exposed or closed frames, the quality of the fabric and the frame material is crucial. In open-framed seating groups, mostly made of wood; both the type of wood used and the craftsmanship are important in terms of both elegance and durability. All Demontha seating group frames are made of natural solid wood and are extremely durable. This way, they will accompany you for very long periods. 

The issue of functionality of the seating group has gained more importance today. Practical features such as storage spaces, the ability to turn into a bed, or modular designs can make your living space more functional. Such seating groups can be quite useful for areas that need to be used in a more functional way, such as living rooms, which we can call the secondary living space in our homes. 

With a wide variety of styles available in seating groups today, it is crucial that your selection matches your other furniture. If you have modern-style furniture, multi-material and detailed seating groups will create a contrast. The opposite is also possible. If you are starting from scratch, start with choosing your sofas, but if you are making changes, be sure to review the style of your other furniture and choose furniture accordingly. This way, you will have a space that is free from complexity and more thoughtfully designed.