Wardrobe selection is among the first furniture pieces we need to meet storage needs and maintain order in our homes. Since wardrobes are not frequently changed furniture pieces, especially in today’s world where homes are shrinking and relocation rates are increasing, choosing the right wardrobe is more important than ever. Therefore, opting for models that can be easily disassembled and reassembled without damage has become an even more critical factor. Demontha wardrobes are furniture pieces that can be confidently chosen in this regard. 

When it comes to selection criteria, first, you should determine the width of the space where you will place the wardrobe and its intended use. It is essential to determine the correct size to maximize space efficiency. In this determination, do not forget to consider the area that the wardrobe doors will sweep when opened and the necessary clearance in front of it to allow you to use the wardrobe. If the space is not sufficient, it would be more reasonable to lean towards open-system or sliding door wardrobes. Closed wardrobes are ideal, especially for providing organized and hidden storage space. Additionally, if you have pets, keeping your clothes in a closed wardrobe may be a preferred choice for you. Wardrobes with doors, such as our Atlas model, are designed to suit your needs with various shelf and hanger options. 

Open wardrobe systems, on the other hand, offer a more modern and minimal appearance. They can be preferred for use in narrow spaces or to create a spacious and open atmosphere. Since open wardrobes are generally produced below standard depth, they can be easily used in limited spaces. If you have a separate room that you can use solely as a dressing room, open wardrobes may be a preferred choice as they offer quicker accessibility without having to open wardrobe doors every single time. With models like Erin and Luna from our open wardrobe systems, you can create a stylish and practical arrangement. Besides these models, by using complementary furniture such as stools, benches, and consoles, you can make your room more functional and aesthetically richer. 

Style is also an important factor when choosing a wardrobe. Choosing a wardrobe that suits your home decoration style brings harmony and integrity to your space. For example, nowadays, glass-door models are frequently preferred as they easily achieve a stylish look with LED lighting support and can showcase their interiors without opening the doors. Door and handle types can be said to be the most important design component that adds character and style to wardrobes. Wardrobe handles, which you can easily change when you want a little change, are an ideal change for effortless innovation.