Benches are furniture pieces that can be found in many spaces due to their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Offering practical solutions in various sizes, benches can easily find their place in homes, offices, and commercial areas. So, how can benches be used in our homes and what should be considered when making a choice?  

We can start with the entrance area of the house. A bench that you can place in your entryway is quite functional as it helps you put on your shoes comfortably and safely. At the same time, it serves as a space where you can easily place your belongings. Among our models, bench models like Dunmer and Waljan have shelves, which you can use for extra storage or as a shoe rack. 

In your bedroom, a bench placed at the foot of your bed will provide additional space. Serving as a place where you can put your bedspread, pillows, or clothes, it significantly increases your comfort area. Choosing a bench that matches the overall design and color palette of your bedroom will make your room more stylish. Opting for a bench that is the same width as your bed or slightly shorter will help you achieve balance. 

If you have a dressing room, benches that you can place in the center of the room or against a wall offer a space where you can sit while getting dressed and also provide a place to store your clothes. A bench with a soft appearance and cushions may be your preference in such areas, providing a more comfortable and cozy feel. 

For a small living room or kitchen, you might consider using a bench instead of chairs in the dining area. The ability of the bench to fit under the table provides significant space savings, and its simpler appearance compared to chairs can make small spaces look more spacious. If you choose to use a bench like this, the most important criterion for you will be the size and shape of your table. Make sure that the structure of your table allows for the use of a bench. Additionally, depending on the size of the table, the number of people who can sit comfortably will also be another determining factor. 

Benches can also be a practical solution for your balconies. Nowadays, balconies are as small as homes. However, this does not mean that you cannot use these balconies effectively. Especially with benches with lower shelves, you can create a useful and minimalist space on your balcony, serving both as seating and storage. 



A hallstand cabinet is a piece of furniture that not only stores easily accessible items such as clothes and shoes when going out but also reflects your style starting from the entrance of your home. Since areas like the entrance hall and corridor, where hallstands are located, are circulation areas, meeting the organization and storage needs in this area effectively is crucial.  

As with all furniture choices, using your available space most efficiently when choosing a hallstand will greatly facilitate your daily life. In this regard, you should first make a choice based on the dimensions of the space where you will place the hallstand cabinet and its intended use. Pay attention to how much storage space the hallstand cabinet provides. Models that offer storage options such as built-in hangers, internal shelves, drawers, and shoe racks can be lifesavers, especially in small homes.  

If you have a narrow entrance area, opting for more compact and space-saving models may be more sensible for you. In such cases, it would be wise to choose hallstand types designed for narrow spaces with shoe racks and hangers. Sometimes you may not even have enough space to place a hallstand cabinet with doors. In such areas, designs with open storage areas will make your space look more spacious and provide you with partial storage. Among our models, Imra, which has both a hanger, a shoe rack, and a seating area, is quite ideal for small entrances.  

In addition to considerations like size and usage, making a choice that suits your home and your own taste will not only add style to your home but also make you happier. Allow determining factors such as the flooring material and wall color in your entrance area to guide your choice. Because creating a striking entrance area involves considering the area as a whole. Coloring the wall with tones you love and considering your hallstand choice accordingly, personalizing the space by adding accessories like mirrors, photographs, will help your chosen furniture look much more aesthetic.