Last Updated: 1 January 2024

1. Information on recognizing the applicant data subject and communicating with about application.
 Name Surname  …
 Passport or ID  …
 Address  …
 Phone  …
 E-mail  …
2. Please indicate your relation with our Company. (candidate, employee, supplier, customer, visitor, etc.)


3. Information on the Choice of the Right to be Used by the Data Subject
 …  Access to personal data
 …  Correction of personal data
 …  Deletion of personal data
 …  Restricting the processing of personal data
 …  Transfer of personal data
 …  Informing about the safeguards on the data in case of transfer of personal data
 …  Objecting to the processing of personal data
 …  I want my personal data, which I requested to be deleted, to be deleted by the transferred third parties
 …  Requesting human intervention for automated decision making, including profiling
4. Please specify your request within the scope of Protection of Personal Data, the type of data you want to receive information about, the method of transfer, the application, the business process in detail.


5. Attachments

Please indicate if there are any documents you would like to support your application.


6. Please choose the method of notifying you of our response to your application.
 …  I want it sent to my address
 …  I want it sent to my email address
 …  I want to receive it by hand (In case of receipt by proxy, a notarized power of attorney or authorization document is required.)
7. General Informations

This application form has been prepared to determine your relationship with our company, and if applicable, to accurately identify your personal data processed by our company, in order to respond to your relevant application correctly and within the legal time frame. To eliminate legal risks arising from unlawful and unjust processing/transfer of data, and to ensure the security of your personal data, our company reserves the right to request additional documents and information (such as a copy of an ID card or driver’s license) for identity and authorization verification. Our company does not accept responsibility for incorrect information or unauthorized applications resulting from inaccurate or unauthorized submissions related to your requests conveyed within the scope of this form. The personal data you share in this form will be processed in a limited manner for the purposes of evaluating and concluding your request, managing the entire relevant process, and contacting you for these purposes. Depending on the nature of your request, your information may be disclosed to our lawyers, our partners providing services in complaint management, quality control, auditing, and risk analysis, as well as legally authorized public institutions and private individuals.

8. Data Subject Commitment

I request that my application, made in accordance with the Personal Data Protection, be concluded within the framework specified above. I acknowledge, declare, and undertake that the information and documents provided in this form are accurate, up-to-date, and belong to me.

 Name Surname  …
 Date  …
 Signature  …